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How to Edit PDF Text on MacOS Mojave - Best PDF Editor

How to Edit PDF Text on Mac OS Mojave

Edit PDF text on Mac Os Mojave? Can’t edit PDF text on Mac? Looking for a cost-efficient PDF Editor to edit PDF text on Mac? Here is good news for you: you can save money to edit PDF on Mac vastly. So, how to edit PDF text on Mac? If you don’t want to choose the expensive Adobe Acrobat software, you can choose a much more economic PDF editor.

Edit PDF Text Mac Free
PDF editor for Mac

Edit PDF Text on Mac OS Mojave Free 

Edit PDF text on Mac Os Mojave is very simple ways which we are going to show you in this article is real and safe without loss of any file or documents. So you can edit or insert any object like the chart, the pattern on the pdf file easily and save it back. you don’t need to take a serious tension because now its possible to edit PDF text on Mac.

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How to Edit PDF For Free 

Editing PDF text is without any cost in here because we provide anything here for free and lifetime
its free and will be free because you can find Adobe Acrobat free and another PDF reader for Mac and windows, those users who use Windows we have Adobe PDF Reader for FREE.
we will upload shortly free software for Mac OS too.

Best PDF Editor For Mac OS Mojave

Edit PDF File on MacOs Mojave is possible only with best PDF Editors which are available for Mac, so i am going to list them here for you some of them are available its download links, others I will provide its download links 

How to Edit PDF Text on Mac OS Mojave

The Portable document format (PDF) is one of the most widely used document formats for both personal and business uses. so everyone wants to edit it many times or do a mistake during the work and want to edit it fast so it possible for you to edit it in a short time.
Here we are going to show you into ways and two software which you can edit PDF files.

  • Using the Preview App

  • Using Acrobat Reader Pro DC 

Step 1. Edit Text in PDF Using the Preview App

You will first need to open the document. To do this, right click on it and select open with > Preview. This will open the document using the Preview app and you can now make changes to the document as much you want to. When open, follow these steps to edit text in the document.

  1. On the menu bar, click on “tools” then “annotate” then “text”.
  2. You will see a box appear with the word “text” written inside. Move it to be any size you want and in the same layout as the rest of the document.
  3. Type the text you would like to enter into the box.
  4. When done typing you may want to format the text. To do this, click on the symbol of ‘slanted A’ at the far left of the toolbar. Using this you will be able to change text color, size, and font among other traits.
  5. To edit existing text without creating a new text box, select “view” from the menu and then “show annotations toolbar”. This will open a toolbar at the bottom of the window with buttons that can be used to make changes to the document.

How to Edit PDF Text on Mac OS Mojave

Step 2. The highlight, Underline and Strikeout text in PDF File

Drawing attention to different parts and words in a PDF document is now eased with the Preview app for Mac. Easily highlight, underline and strikeout text using the following steps.

  1.  Select the text to highlight/strike-through or underline. Click on the highlight button so it turns blue.
  2.  You will see an arrow next to the highlight button. Click on the command you would like to apply which can be highlight color, strikethrough or underline.
  3. To remove underline, strikethrough or highlight effect on text, press control on the keyboard and click on the text. Click on Remove Highlight from the shortcut menu that will appear.
  4. Another feature of the Preview App that you may find useful is the one that allows you to view all highlighted content in a PDF file. To do this, click on the “view” menu then select “Highlights and notes.

How to Edit PDF Text on Mac OS Mojave

Step 4. Combine PDF File

This function will help you combine different PDF documents into one. To do this, open the document you would like to add the other to using Preview. From the Finder, drag the PDF file to be combined and drop to the sidebar of the Preview window.
If you need to combine pages from one pdf with another, drag the page thumbnails from the open PDF and drop them on the sidebar of the PDF it is to be merged in.

2. Using Acrobat Reader Pro DC

This is the most advanced PDF documents creator and editor that is ideal for business use.

Step 1. Edit, Create and Fill forms easily

Using Acrobat Pro DC, creating and editing PDF documents is very easy and so is filling forms. What is more? Any document created with Acrobat can be opened using any PDF software.

Best PDF Editor

PDFs can be created from scratch or converting from other file formats and merging with other PDFs. Even scanned documents can be converted to PDFs. This program has all the features needed to edit a pdf on Mac. Add, modify and delete text and images as you wish. Tools such as check boxes, buttons and text fields make creating forms easy. Editing and manipulating these forms is also easy using this app. Change the font, layout and other traits of a document as you wish. Filling forms is also super easy using the Acrobat Reader DC.

Step 2. Export PDF to Office format or image

The Adobe Acrobat PDF editor for Mac allows users to convert PDF files to different text and image formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others. To do this:

  1. Open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Click on the “Tools” menu then “Export PDF”.
  3. Choose the format to convert into and click on “Export”.
  4. In the export dialog box that will be opened, choose the storage location and then save the file.

Step 3. Protect PDF files with Permissions

You can restrict what other people can do to a document by including permissions in your PDF document. To do this:

  • Open the document and select “Protect” from the pane at your right hand. This will open the toolbar.
  • Click on “select” and then “Encrypt with Certificate”. Confirm these changes by clicking “yes” in the next window.

How to Edit PDF Text on Mac OS Mojave

Step 4. Sign a PDF

To authenticate a PDF document you need to add a sign. The steps to follow to do this are:

  1. Open the document using adobe acrobat. Click on “Tools” the “Fill & Sign”.
  2. Click on the sign icon on the toolbar and add the signature if it is the first time. Otherwise, choose the signature to use from the sign options.
  3.  There are three ways a signature can be added: typing your name or drawing the signature in the given field and uploading an image of the sign. When done adding the signature, save it for future use and click “Apply”.
  4. Click where you would like to add the signature and it will be placed there.

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